Killer robots, yuck

24 November 2009

I really don’t want to ponder killer robots, but reporting on the Samsung Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot it tough to ignore.

The Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot is a
stationary unit armed with a 5.5-millimeter K3 machine
gun and a second gun that fires rubber bullets. It can
use its twin optical and infrared sensors to track and
identify targets from up to 2.5 miles away in the daytime
and about half that distance at night.

Stationary today, mobile to tomorrow?

It also has a microphone and speaker system to exchange
passwords with human soldiers. If the password is incorrect,
the robot can either sound an alarm or open fire on the target.

I’d want more than one chance to say the correct password because
I’d probably pull a Ralph Kramden… homina homina homina. Unveils Fully Automated Sentry Robot
that can Track, Kill Humans