Pi Day 02012 Plan

30 December 2011

I’ve been celebrating Pi Days since 02005 and I’ve come up with Pi Day 02012 Plan. My goal is to celebrate Pi Days up through 02016 and then self publish a book documenting my Pi Day experiences.

Pondering what to do on Pi Day 2010

21 February 2010

It’s Sunday, 21 February 2010, and 14 March 2010 (i.e. Pi Day) is three weeks away. I’ve been pondering what to do this Pi Day and there are so many things I can do.

Pi Day 2010 falls on a Sunday at the front-end of a week long spring break.

I thought about flying to Los Angeles, California, to eat pie at the House of Pies Bakery and Restaurant, but I opted to save this for a future Pi Day.

I considered flying to San Jose, California, to visit the Computer History Museum, but I decided that I didn’t want to do any flying.

I contemplated a two-day road trip to Deming, New Mexico, to visit the Rockhound State Park and Pancho Villa State Parks. In addition, this road trip would enable to get pictures of some road signs located along westbound I-10 between Willcox and Tucson. But… I decided to make this a summer activity.

I pondered a three-day road trip spending two nights in Needles, California. Day one, which will be on Pi Day, would include getting a piece of pie in Parker, Arizona, and eating it in Rice (CA). Day two will be a full day road trip into the Mojave National Preserve. I will visit to the Kelso Depot for the first time and a hike of the Kelso Dunes in order to get a better video clip of the roaring sand dunes.


It’s raining a lot here in Tempe and now I’m thinking I might spend Pi Day 2010 seeking wildflowers.

Take US Hwy-60 east to Florance Jct. (flowers). Continue US Hwy-60E to Gonzales Pass (flowers). Continue US Hwy-60E to Superior where I’ll stop and play for a while. Continue US Hwy-60E to Miami stopping at the tunnel to take pictures (boulders). I’ll play in Miami for a while before continuing US Hwy-60E to its junction with AZ Hwy-88. [75 miles] Head north on AZ Hwy-88 stopping at Roosevelt Lake/Bridge/Dam. Continue north on AZ Hwy-188 (Az Hwy-88 goes west as the Apache Trail). At AZ Hwy-87, go north to Payson. [155 miles total] While in Payson, I’ll have a piece of pie at the 260 Cafe and a second piece of pie at the Beeline Cafe. Return to Tempe via southbound AZ Hwy-87, where numerous flower explosions will potentially be encountered. [235 miles total]