Bullish on Biotechnology and Bioscience

23 February 2013

22 February 02013: Headline seen on page A1 of the Arizona Republic: “Seniors failed by flu shots this year.” This headline implies there lots of future ahead of us when it comes to biotechnology and bioscience advances. [Hashtags: #PersonalizedMedicine #SmartDrugs #IntelligentDrugs #Genetics #Genomics #DNA

The Morning Afters (Feb. 20-22)…

22 February 2013

Learning About the Future in 50 Minutes is a talk that I gave for the first time on 24 February 02012. I give it for a fourth time on 19 February 02013. It took 50 minutes for me to go through the introduction and review “the future” that happened between the the 1st and 4th talks.

The day after I gave the talk for the 4th time on Feb. 19th, I updated a webpage on Feb. 20th with a section “The Morning After…” and the next day (Feb. 21st) I added a “The Morning After the Morning After…” and the next day (Feb. 22nd) I added a “The Morning After the Morning After the Morning After…”. Obviously this had to stop and that means I’m going to continue this “Morning After” postings as postings to this blog.