A learning about math catch-22

Catch-22: Schools kill imagination and creativity, yet learning about mathematics depends on imagination and creativity.

Imagination: “process of having in your consciousness conceptions of things that aren’t present.”

Creativity: “applied imagination.”

“The moving power of mathematics is not reasoning but imagination.”–Augustus De Morgan

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”–Albert Einstein

“There’s very little emphasis on the right brain thinking
— the intuitive, the creative, the imaginative — and in
particular, the thinking out of the box.”–Peter Neumann

From the “Coping With Math Anxiety” essay from MathAcademy.com: “Myth #3: Math Requires Logic, Not Creativity.”

Sir Ken Robinson has a popular TED video in which he states that “schools kill creativity.” Plus, Robinson claims “creativity is nourished by keeping your imagination alive (stimulated).”

If Robinson, De Morgan, Einstein, Neumann are correct, then we have a catch-22 when it comes to learning about math.

MathAcademy.com::Coping With Math Anxiety

TED.com::Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity (filmed Feb 02006)


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