Berlin wall replica in Dixon, Illinois

9 November 1989… I was 32 years of age and the falling of the Berlin Wall meant nothing to me. In the fall of ’89 I was helping raise two kids (ages almost 8 and 6) and working full time as a computer programmer. I’m not sure I spent much time paying attention as to what was happening in the world. The Internet existed, but I didn’t have access to it (and the World Wide Web was in the process of being invented/created).

I remember during the earlier 1990s a co-worker going to Germany on a vacation. Upon their return, they gifted me with a small piece of the Berlin Wall, but I ended up losing it.

In 2004, I visited Dixon, Illinois, which was he boyhood home of Ronald Reagan, has the Wings Of Peace And Freedom Park. The park includes a full replica of a section of the Berlin wall. The following pictures were taken in Dixon, Illinois.

Dixon Illinois014_DixonWall015_DixonPlaque

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