New term: Geekification

SourceForge Inc. has changed its name to Geeknet Inc. The company changed its name to better “articulate” its business: serving the wants and needs of the expanding world-wide geekdom.

The following quote is from Scott Kauffman, CEO of Geeknet.

The geek demographic is bigger than most people realize,
and it is growing every day in both scope and influence.
Its product appeal extends beyond servers and slide rules
to include video games, soft drinks, automobiles, fast food,
fashion, entertainment, consumer electronics and other goods.
We call this phenomenon the ‘geekification‘ of the world, and we believe that our network provides the best platform
for advertisers to reach this highly coveted audience.

Geeknet “communities” consist of Slashdot,,
ThinkGeek, Freshmeat, and Ohloh. In addition, they handle advertising for the Linux Foundation’s According to Geeknet, the company serves more than 40 million tech-savvy geeks each month,

Given I’m a shareholder in Geeknet Inc. (nasdaq: LNUX), I hope the company plays a key role in the geekification of the world.

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